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Year of Grace

"What is grace, you might well ask, especially in this Year of Grace.  But actually grace is not about something; it is not like a divine drug that is injected into us or a heavenly blood transfusion.  Rather it is about Someone.  That Someone is the living loving God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Grace is God dwelling in us, and we, in the process, growing ever more God-like in our understanding, in our love and compassion for each other and for the world..."  - Anne Hunt

BECOME MORE PRAYERFUL THIS YEAR.  Parish events and courses are scheduled throughout the year.  View on the 6 part video series entitled  "Prayer:  Finding Intimacy with God" - 6 weekly video sessions introducing Lectio Divina, opening our hearts to reading the Word, reflecting, responding and contemplating

1 minute video describing the Lectio Prayer Program


The Grace of Persistent Prayer

"...[I]f we are persistent in prayer, God will give us what we ask for.  But experience tells us that prayer doesn't always work that way...Why?  Because there are other graces associated with persistence besides getting what we ask for.  For one thing, persistence in prayer reminds us of our intrinsic incompleteness.  It also keeps us in touch with our deepest needs and desires - like love, faith, justice, forgiveness, mercy...But God's help sometimes comes in forms that surpass our pleadings.  We plead for an end and receive the strength to endure.  We beg for stability and receive the grace to change.  We ask for more time and receive the gift of eternal life."                ~Sr. Melannie Svoboda


Rosary Group

The Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy are the focus of this group which meets each Monday evening at 7 pm.


Eucharistic Adoration

“24 Hours for The Lord” spawned from Pope Francis’s call to the entire church to spend time with the Lord in his Eucharistic Presence as part of the Year of Mercy. St. Apollinaris has responded to that call by offering this opportunity to parishioners each and every month. It is a 24 hour period of time spanning the first Friday and Saturday of each month during which Jesus in the Eucharist is on display in the church for parishioners to come and adore their Creator, spend silent time in prayer and reflection, and to lay the stresses and burdens of life at His feet.

It begins on the first Friday of the month following 8:45 am mass and ends just prior to the 8:45 am mass on Saturday morning. Anyone is invited to come and stay for as long as they can or desire to, however because we cannot leave Jesus alone during that time, we ask for volunteers to commit to one hour throughout the 24 hour period. A request for volunteers is generally made in the Sunday Bulletin the weekend prior and a sign-up sheet is available in the Vestibule area throughout the week before.

Parish Prayer

Father in Heaven, we come before you as beloved members of the Body of Christ.

We are grateful for the abundant blessings you have bestowed on our parish and we praise you for the movement of your grace in the lives of our parishioners.

We humbly ask for your guidance as we seek to know and do your will, to worship you as you desire to be adored, to care for our fellow parishioners in their spiritual and physical needs, to provide a parish school and religious education program which authentically transmit the Catholic faith and lead the children to your Son, and to bring the person of Jesus to the wider community in word and deed, especially in the form of vocations.

Heal us of our pride so that we may accept your Word.

Heal us of our disobedience so that we may be good stewards of the Gospel.

Fill us with your Spirit to embolden our faith, hope, and charity.

Fill our priests, deacons, and religious with courage and comfort.

Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Apollinaris, grant us the Mercy for which we thirst and the grace to be true imitators of Christ.



Youth Holy Hour at Eucharistic Adoration

"We must understand that in order 'to do', we must first learn 'to be', that is to say, in the sweet company of Jesus in adoration."  -Pope St.  John Paul II
In our fast-paced world, being present has become a difficult thing to do. Yet, we are human "be-ings" not human "do-ings."  We need time to simply "be". It is here in the presence of Jesus Christ that we learn who we are: sons and daughters of God the Father, brothers and sisters of Christ, and Temples of the Holy Spirit. Time in adoration, time with Jesus, allows us to listen to Him and to ask Him our deepest questions. He is the answer. Come join the youth group from 8-9pm on first Fridays as we participate in the parish's 24 Hours for the Lord (See above). It is a journey into the Heart of Christ, our Redeemer.