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Date Night

A monthly gathering of married and engaged couples with the goal of becoming the "true" domestic church, living out God's Plan for the Sacrament of Marriage and together forming a vibrant and positive community of married couples. Activities include speakers, dinners, movie nights, game nights, informative video presentations on Catholic teaching about living God's Plan for marriage, family nights, and couple time.  Gathering to learn ways to strengthen bonds as a couple and as a famiy, to socialize, to have fun, to have couple time..

When and Where Do We Meet: Generally the fourth Friday of the month (can vary based on other parish activities) in the parish hall.

Letter from Walt & Pam Birdsall regarding Date Night 

Hello Friends,
At our last DN we had a wonderful presentation on Familiaris Consortio by John Hamlon to kick off our new DN year in which we will focus our efforts on the study of JPII's amazing document on the family.  As we explained that evening, the DN format for the study of FC will utilize John's own study sessions and will be structured as follows:
  • The Study Guide session or sessions to be studied will be provided to each couple via email in advance of DN.
  • Couples are encouraged to read the Articles of FC to be studied (which are very short) and also to read the commentary in the Study Guide prior to the next DN.  Note that the FC document can be downloaded from the Vatican website or also from EWTN's website.
  • At DN we will have a presentation on the Articles and the Study Guide Commentary followed by group discussion using the Study Guide questions and ending with "couple time" where couples can spend time alone discussing the reflections from the Study Guide.
While doing the reading prior to each DN would be helpful and is encouraged, we understand that we all lead busy family lives so if you cannot get to it don't worry.  You will still be able to participate and benefit from attending DN without doing it.
Our next DN is October 27th and we will be reviewing the Introduction and Part 1 of FC, Bright Spots and Shadows for the Family Today.  This includes Articles 1 through 10 from FC, a whopping 8 pages.  We have attached to this email the Study Sessions for those articles for your review.  
We understand that this is a lot to digest but we are convinced that the study of FC will be very worthwhile and once we get past the first DN we are confident that the approach and format will be much clearer than it may seem now, so hang with us!  In the meantime feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
May God Bless you all and we look forward to seeing you on October 27th!
Walt and Pam

Contact: Walt or Pam Birdsall, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / (707) 251-9226

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